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 RUles of the battle league

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PostSubject: RUles of the battle league   Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:11 am

the battle leagues rules are the same as the forums rule BUT there are 3 more rules

rule number one
Uber pokemon can ONLY be used by Master league leaders this is the list of ubers
~ Mewtwo
~ Mew
~ Wobbuffet
~ Lugia
~ Ho-oh
~ Latias
~ Latios
~ Kyogre
~ Groudon
~ Rayquaza
~ Deoxys (all)
~ Dialga
~ Palkia
~ Manaphy
~ Giratina
~ Darkrai
~ Arceus
Any ubers uesed the user will be not alowed to battle any more

rule two

talk fair dont judge a team by its cover it could defeat your team of lvl 100

Rule Three
Only level 80-100 please becouse the leaders will be level 89-100

post your team here when we get the league open
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RUles of the battle league
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